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Rummana Chowdhury

Rummana Chowdhury is a writer, translator and interpreter living in Mississauga, Ontario. Born in Bangladesh, Chowdhury earned a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Dhaka in 1981. She moved to Canada in 1982 and has published some forty-three books, mostly in Bengali but also in English.

Fiction (Short stories)

Dusk in the Frog Pond

Toronto: Inanna Publications, 2021.
E-book (Access restricted to members of the university community)

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

Dusk in the Frog Pond is a collection of eight short stories that explore the lives of immigrants as they deal with the challenges of migration, displacement, identity, nostalgia, loneliness, socio-economic disparity, and cultural assimilation. A particular focus is the theme of arranged marriages. The main characters are Muslim women in or from Bangladesh. Some of the marriages are happy. In others the women feel isolated, often trapped and always unloved. These are powerful stories, reflecting joy and sorrow, never forgetting the eternally burning fire of hope that both lives and dies within all of us, and depicting culture, tradition, and history in parallel force with today’s modernized world.

Awards and Honours

2022 IPPY (Independent Publisher Book Award)–Multicultural Fiction (Bronze medalist)


Shadow Over the Henna Tree

Xlibris, 2016.


And Then There Was Darkness: COVID-19 Pandemic, Coronavirus Era

Xlibris US, 2020.


Where Do I Belong?

Xlibris, 2014.


Rumanna Choudhury personal website

Publisher Inanna Publications