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Wei Li

Wei Li was born in Shenzhen, China, and immigrated to the the United States when he was nine years of age.  Li and his family moved to Vancouver, B.C. in 2001.  He is a graduate in business administration from Simon Fraser University and a commercial animation student at Capilano University.  As a comic artist, Wei Li received funding from the Xeric Grant Foundation that allowed him to print his inaugural graphic novel, Lotus Root Children in 2010.
Lotus Root Children book cover

Graphic Novel

Lotus Root Children

Vancouver, B.C.: Epidigm Studios, 2010.

Publisher’s Synopsis

For most of her life in rural China, Ah Lan has been a simple lotus root farmer.  Within the confines of her home, however, she participates in a more sinister business.  As a halfway house for kidnapped children, Ah Lan spends her time subtly changing these kids to help them transition when they are bought by rich urban families.

Through the popular Chinese legend of Ne Zha, Ah Lan weaves a convincing web of dream worlds, conflict and destiny for the kidnapped children to become a part of. When they have identified themselves with this legendary character, they are sent to their new family believing the life they had was simply a dream.  For Ah Lan, however, the reality of her trade sits heavy in her heart.


Publisher Epidigm Studios