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Chris Eng

Chris Eng worked as a journalist, music magazine editor, and campus radio host in Victoria and Vancouver prior to relocating to Toronto.



Molotov Hearts

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013.
[Toronto?: HoodieRipper Press, 2013].

Publisher’s Synopsis

Jenn McNabb spends her days shuttling back and forth between her crappy home life and crappy school life, dreaming of the punk scene, dreaming of escape (and maybe that punk boy she saw). But even if she manages to work her way into the scene and get the boy, will that be enough to fix her problems and change her from the girl the world thinks she is to the girl she wants to be? And will she figure out how to throw a punch if she needs to? Molotov Hearts features punk houses, punk parties, basement shows, make-out sessions, fist fights and dumpster diving. It’s funny, sad, romantic and a novel for anyone who wants to read a story in the tradition of “girl-meets-boy, girl-joins-punk-band, girl-kicks-ass.”

Fiction (Short stories; Booklet)

Singles: A Collection of Punk Romance Short Fiction

Stories by Chris Eng. Art by Cristy Road, Kelsey Short, Emily Shoichet.
[Toronto?]: HoodieRipper Press, 2013.


Miss Amanda Jones — Ain’t it the Truth — Burn Out — Hot as the Docker’s Armpit — Feel Good Factor — Cheer — Access Denied — Questioningly.





CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017.
[Toronto?: HoodieRipper Press, 2017].

Publisher’s Synopsis

Kettle’s a gutter punk with a lot on her mind. There’s the usual–stupid society, stupid roommates and a stupid boyfriend–but then there’s the dawning realization that she might not be as much into four-chord, two-minute punk rock as she used to be, and that 12 pretty shiny boys singing shiny pretty pop might be more her thing.
And maybe–just maybe–the hot girl with the tattoos and the pretty shiny life might be more her thing too.

ZeroWave, the second HoodieRipper punk romance from Chris Eng, is set against the dueling, fervent fandoms of DIY punk and the glossy, complicated world of K-Pop. A sexy, thoughtful love letter to being an outsider in a scene of outsiders, ZeroWave is about finding the courage to find yourself–and your ultimate bias.


Publisher HoodieRipper Press

Chris Eng personal blog

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