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Mohamad Kebbewar

Mohamad Kebbewar was born in Aleppo, Syria. He moved to Canada at the age of nineteen and earned a degree in history at Concordia University in Montreal. Following the fall of Aleppo during the Syrian civil war, Kebbewar returned to visit his parents and saw first hand the destroyed city that had been his first home. Kebbewar now lives in Vancouver, works as a graphic designer, and is finishing a novel The Bones of Aleppo.

Poetry (Chapbook)

Children of War

Niagara Falls, ON: Grey Borders Books, 2019.
Also available as a kindle e-book.

Publisher’s Synopsis


Poetry (Chapbook)

The Soap of Aleppo

Saskatoon: Jack Pine Press, 2018.

Publisher’s Description

The pages are hand bound in a saddle stitch, and then the booklet is glued inside, next to a series of Mohamad’s photographs printed on a transparent vellum in sepia tones.  We wanted to echo the ghostlike feeling of the city as we witness the story of its destruction.


Publisher Grey Borders Books

Publisher Jack Pine Press