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Rosena Fung

Rosena Fung is a Toronto illustrator and comic artist. Her self-published comics include Eating Time and Spin the Bottle, both published around 2015. Living With Viola, her mainstream debut forthcoming in October 2021 is a graphic novel for children. If you run into her at a zine fair, be aware that her name is pronounced “Rosanna”.

Fiction (Graphic novel, Juvenile)

Living With Viola

Toronto: Annick Press, 2021.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

Livy is already having trouble fitting in as the new girl at school—and then there’s Viola. Viola is Livy’s anxiety brought to life, a shadowy twin that only Livy can see or hear. Livy tries to push back against Viola’s relentless judgment, but nothing seems to work until she strikes up new friendships at school. Livy hopes that Viola’s days are numbered. But when tensions arise both at home and at school, Viola rears her head stronger than ever. Only when Livy learns how to ask for help and face her anxiety does she finally figure out living with Viola.

Rosena Fung draws on her own early experiences with anxiety and the pressures of growing up as the child of Chinese immigrant parents to craft a charming, deeply personal story that combines the poignancy of Raina Telgemeier’s Guts with the wacky humor of Lumberjanes. Exuberant, colorful art brings Livy’s rich imaginative world—filled with everything from sentient dumplings to flying unicorns—to life on the page.

Awards and Honours

2022 The Egghead: The Doug Wright Award for best kids’ book (Finalist)
2022 Jean Little First-Novel Award (Finalist)


Rosena Fung personal website

Publisher Annick Press