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Stephen Gill

Stephen Matthew Gill was born in Sialkot, Panjab. He was educated at Agra University, the University of Ottawa, and Oxford University. He has taught in India, Ethiopia and Canada. Gill has written a number of critical studies on writers as diverse as G.B. Shaw, H.G. Wells, and Yeats. He has also (co-)edited several anthologies of poems and stories including Poets of the Capital, Seaway Valley Poets, two vols. of Anti-war Poems and Tales from Canada for Children Everywhere. Most of his publications are in English. His works have been published in the USA, UK, India, and Canada. Most of his Canadian publications were published by his own imprint, Vesta Publications, located in Cornwall, Ontario. From his websites, it appears that Gill’s main interests today are global peace, religion, and social concerns.

Fiction (Juvenile)

The Blessings of a Bird

Cornwall, Ont.: Vesta Publications, 1983.


Immigrant: A Novel

Cornwall, Ont.: Vesta Publications, 1978. (reprinted 1979, 1988)

Fiction (Short stories)

Life’s Vagaries: Fourteen Short Stories

Cornwall, Ont.: Vesta Publications, 1974.

Fiction (Short stories)

The Loyalist City: A Novel

Cornwall, Ont.: Vesta Publications, 1979. (reprinted 1988)

Fiction (Juvenile)

Simon and the Snow King

Illustrated by Bob Eadie.
Cornwall, Ont.: Vesta Publications, 1981.

Fiction (Short stories/essays)

Sketches of India

Cornwall, Ont.: Vesta Publications, 1980.
PS8563 .I553 S63

Publisher’s Synopsis

Sketches of India contains stories and articles written in essay form to draw a picture of the political, economical, social and religious life of the people of India as well as to reveal their way of thinking.


Why?: A Novel

Cornwall, Ont.: Vesta Publications, 1976. (reprinted 1977)

Publisher’s Synopsis (From rear cover)

Why is an entertaining and informative story of an artist who falls in love mostly with married women in spite of his repeated regrets and self-condemnation for this weakness. It is also about boredom, and its action takes place in Montreal, Ottawa, and Ethiopia.


Divergent Shades: Poems

[India]: Writers’ Forum, 1995.


The Dove of Peace: (Poems)

Portlandville, N.Y.: M.A.F. Press, 1989.


Flashes: Trilliums in Haiku Spirit

Cornwall, Ont.: Vesta Publications, 1994.


The Flowers of Thirst: Love Poems

Cornwall, Ont.: Vesta Publications, 1990.


Moans and Waves

Cornwall, Ont.: Vesta Publications, 1982. (reprinted 1989 with expanded title: Moans and Waves and Other Poems)


Reflections: A Collection of Poems

Cornwall, Ont.: Kyte’s, 1972.


Reflections & Wounds: Poems

Cornwall, Ont.: Vesta Publications, 1978.


Shrine: Poems of Social Concern

Benson, Ariz.: World University Press, 1999.


Songs for Harmony: Poems

Cornwall, Ont.: Vesta Publications, 1992.


Wounds: A Collection of Poems

Cornwall, Ont.: Vesta Publications, 1974.


Vesta’s Who’s Who of North American Poets

Cornwall, Ont.: Vesta Publications, 1990.

Selected Criticism and Interpretation

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