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Salwa Majoka

Salwa Majoka is a Pakistani Canadian who immigrated to Canada as a baby. Majoka, a graduate of OCAD University, is an illustrator and 2D artist for the animation industry. She lives in Toronto.

Fiction (Juvenile, Graphic novel)


Co-created by Christine D. U. Chung.
[Toronto]: Tundra Books, 2024.
This graphic novel is a story without words.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

A young space traveler visits Earth on a whim and finds a planet empty of people. She happens upon a strange contraption that contains images of what the planet used to be like, and using this viewfinder, she sees Earth as it was, juxtaposed against Earth as it is: abandoned, but still full of amazing things.

Her adventure takes her to a museum full of hints about the planet’s past and the strange glowing mushrooms that grow everywhere, a library that has become home to a variety of zoo animals, and a beautiful but crumbling space station from which she makes a daring escape. As she wanders, though, she sees signs that perhaps there is still someone here. A time capsule, a friendly cat and a makeshift railcar all add to the mystery . . . is she really alone? The lush and captivating art and subtle nod to stewardship in this wordless graphic novel will draw readers in and leave them with a renewed sense of wonder for the resilient and extraordinary place we call home.


Salwa Majoka personal website

Publisher Tundra Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House of Canada

Author profile with Inderjit Deogun on the Quill & Quire website