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Christina Park

Christina Park is a second-generation Korean Canadian born in Vancouver, B.C. Park studied at the University of British Columbia and at Oxford University. She now lives in Montreal. Her business career included a position as the VP of Marketing for an investment management company.

The Homes We Build on Ashes book cover


The Homes We Build on Ashes

Toronto: Inanna Publications, 2015.
PS8631 .A74794 H64 2015

Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)

God-fearing Nara Lee carries a painful secret and a corrosive guilt. Set against an historical backdrop when Korea was a colony and citizenry was rendered impotent, Nara’s life is forged in the 1919 March First Movement. Her journey takes her from her ancestral home to an insidious orphanage to a forced-labour factory during the Japanese Occupation. When colonialism has outlived its usefulness, she is emancipated only to live through an era of high suspicion and treason. After surviving the grand tragedy of the Busan Fire that leaves 28,000 people homeless, Nara leaves the squalid tent city that had become her home and is thrown headlong into a new life in Vancouver, Canada, where she elucidates the poetry of home. Amidst violence and abject injustice, Nara finds a way to rise up from the ashes again and again to rejoice in small triumphs in the homes she has lived, in the homes she has lost.


Publisher Inanna Publications