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Ramabai Espinet

Ramabai Espinet was born in Trinidad and Tobago. Since the 1970s she has divided her time between Canada and the Caribbean. Her Indo-Caribbean heritage figures prominently in much of her work. In addition to poetry and fiction, Espinet is an established essayist and critic. A graduate of York University, she also completed a Ph.D. in English at the University of the West Indies in St. Augustine, Trinidad. Her thesis examined the place of Euro-creole women writers, with particular reference to the work of Jean Rhys and Phyllis Shand Allfrey. Espinet taught English and Caribbean Studies at York University and Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Espinet’s performance pieces Beyond the Kalapani, and Indian Robber Talk both explore the historical record of South Asian immigration to the Caribbean. One of Espinet’s earliest publications is Creation Fire: A CAFRA Anthology of Caribbean Women’s Poetry, edited by Ramabai Espinet (Toronto: Sister Vision,Black Women and Women of Colour Press, 1990.)

Fiction (Juvenile, Picture book)

Ninja’s Carnival

Art by Farida Zamen.
Toronto: Sister Vision, 1993.

Fiction (Juvenile, Picture book)

The Princess of Spadina: A Tale of Toronto

Illustrated by Veronica Sullivan.
Toronto: Sister Vision, 1992.
PZ7 .E76 P75 1992

Publisher’s Synopsis

[This] is a wonderful tale of magic and adventure on the streets of Toronto. A real princess with dreadlocks and magical running shoes lives on the streets of Spadina, the Kensington Market is really an enchanted avenue, and three little girls of diverse heritage can be best friends, and can perform heroic exploits together. A fun-filled, action-packed, exciting experience for readers from 5-95!


The Swinging Bridge

Toronto: HarperFlamingoCanada, 2003.
PS8559 .S68 S94 2003

Publisher’s Synopsis

The Swinging Bridge is a moving story of race and displacement, a story that carries us effortlessly from nineteenth-century India, with its cast-out Brahmin widows, to the cane fields of Trinidad, where impoverished Indians become indentured labourers, to the optimism of the twentieth century, when the island sheds its colonial past and reimagines itself as a new homeland for many cultures. But by the 1960s, racial politics and the promise of economic security draw Mona’s family to North America, where they discover a new continent with old problems.

Awards and Honours

2004 Commonwealth Book Prize–Best First Book (Caribbean and Canada Region)(Nominated)


Nuclear Seasons: Poems

Toronto: Sister Vision Press, 1991.
PS8559 .S68 N8 1991

Publisher’s Synopsis

Ranging through these poems is a voice–Caribbean, Indian, rural, urban, unplaced, angry, lyrical–challenging conventional ways of seeing, raging against the winner-takes-all morality of power politics and engaging with the turbulence of war, hunger and imbalance: the voice of the unfed, still hungry, refusing to pay for the alligator shoes of the well-shod…

Anthology (Short story)

Trinidad Noir

PR9272.8 .T74 2008

Espinet, Ramabai. “Nowarian Blues.” In Trinidad Noir, edited by Lisa Allen-Agostini & Jeanne Mason. New York: Akashic Books, 2008, 81-95.

Selected Criticism and Interpretation


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Ramabai Espinet: Coming Home

Produced and directed by Frances-Anne Solomon. 49. min. Leda Serene Films, 2005.
Audio-visual, 5th floor PS8559. S68 R36 2005

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