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Peyton Leung

Peyton Leung is an elementary school teacher and musician from Toronto. His first picture book is The Pirate Girl’s Treasure.

Fiction (Juvenile, Picture book)

The Pirate Girl’s Treasure

Illustrated by Hilary Leung.
Toronto: Kids Can Press, 2012.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

In this spectacularly original picture book, the story mirrors an origami activity: As a pig-tailed pirate girl travels through mountains, valleys, a cave and finally by sea to reach the treasure her grandfather has hidden for her, imaginative illustrations show different incarnations of a single folded sheet of paper within the scenes. Best of all, clear instructions at the end will let readers recreate the story with just a few folds and tears, transforming a piece of notebook paper into a mountain, hat, cave, boat and really cool pirate shirt.


Publisher Kids Can Press