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Mobashar Qureshi

Mobashar Quereshi was born in Benin City, Nigeria in 1978 and lived briefly in Karachi, Pakistan before his family moved to Canada.  He earned a degree in economics at the University of Toronto.   Quereshi was named one of ten rising Canadian mystery writers to watch by Quill & Quire in November 2007.  Quereshi continues to live in Toronto.  Since 2010, he has published more than a dozen novels and collections of short stories as electronic Kindle books.

October Five book cover


The October Five

Toronto: Mercury Press, 2009.

Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)

In 2007, a seemingly unrelated series of murders of people with shady pasts in Chicago lead Homicide Detective Karl Whaler on the strangest inquiries of his career. Could these deaths be related to tragic events during the Vietnam War, that left five veterans unable to stop seeking brutal justice once they’d returned to normal society?

R.A.C.E. book cover



Toronto: Mercury Press, 2006.

Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)

R.A.C.E. (Radical Association of Criminal Ethnicities) is a group on the verge of creating a new, highly addictive illegal drug. When several veteran officers are sidelined by corruption charges, an error in his police experience file qualifies parking officer Jon Rupret for membership in an elite squad— Operation Anti-R.A.C.E.— speedily set up to identify the criminals and stop the new drug before it can be sold on the street. Jon is partnered with jaded detective Philip Beadsworth, who’s none too thrilled with the situation.

The story follows the criminals’ desperate attempts to bully innocent chemists into creating the ultimate drug, and the police, as they attempt to track them down. R.A.C.E. is also a satirical and humorous look at the multicultural landscape of Toronto through Jon Rupret’s eyes.


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