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Jennifer Chen

Jennifer Chen is a graduate of the MFA programme in creative writing at the University of British Columbia. She lives in Toronto.

Fiction (Young Adult)

Super! A Novel

London, ON: Insomniac Press, 2018.

Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)

All eyes are on Beata Bell, descendent of the great Frances E. Shaw. Bets are placed on which amazing power she will inherit. Flight? Telekinesis? Super hearing? Only Beata Bell remains stubbornly, infuriatingly, and inexplicably normal. Sidelined, she must face the painful reality that she might never live up to everyone’s expectations. But the Super world can’t seem to leave her alone! When a new villain threatens the city, Beata is launched into a whirlwind of mystery, danger, and conspiracy. With a totally normal skillset, she must exhaust all her wits and courage to save her friends—and to survive.


Jennifer Chen personal website

Publisher Insomniac Press