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Donia Mounsef

Donia Mounsef was born in Beirut, Lebanon and moved to Canada as a young adult. She earned an MA in French from the University of Alberta and in 2000 a PhD in French and Theatre from the University of British Columbia. In addition to teaching theatre and poetry at the University of Alberta, Mounsef is a playwright, dramaturge and poet.


Plimsoll Lines

Windsor, Ont.: Urban Farmhouse Press, 2018.
Crossroads poetry series
PS8626 .O8476 P55 2018

Synopsis (from distributor)

Plimsoll Lines are the marks on the side of a ship’s hull to which vessels can be safely loaded. These words become lyric and capture the “unbearable lightness” of the poetic word coupled with the playful metaphor of floating. Mounsef utilizes both these individual poems and the overall collection to drift the reader around themes of wandering, water, and wanting. The collection argues in favor of a return to the word and cultural meditations of language, politics, and the body in a world dominated by the visual and the mediated. Mounsef pushes past borders and combines the abstraction of French, the symbolism of Arabic, and the immediacy of English in a grand tour of the places that poetry can bring the reader.

Poetry (Chapbook)

Slant of Arils

Richmond, VA: Damaged Goods Press, 2015.

Publisher’s Synopsis (from its website)

Not available.


Dr. Donia Mounsef faculty page at the University of Alberta

Publisher Damaged Goods Press

Publisher Urban Farmhouse Press