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Prajwala Dixit

Prajwala Dixit is a first-generation Indian-Canadian journalist, playwright and documentary filmmaker based in St. John’s, NL. Although she trained as an engineer, Dixit is a storyteller at heart and is committed to promoting diversity and telling immigrant stories. Dixit also has a base in Bengaluru, India.

Fiction (Juvenile, Folklore)

The Tales of Dwipa

Illustrations by Duncan Major.
St. John’s, NL: Breakwater Books, 2022.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

Through a framework of traditional tales, fantastic creatures struggle with issues of marginalization, opening discussion for parents and children in an accessible form.
The Tales Of Dwipa is a collection of short stories adapted from the Panchatantra, a collection of simple, engaging, and interrelated animal tales penned by Pandit Vishnu Sharma in the hopes of awakening the dim intelligence of a powerful Indian king’s idle sons. The ancient stories of the Panchatantra still find meaning in today’s world despite originating in India before 300 BCE. These stories are set in a Canadian context with topical themes, bringing together two distinct cultures—Indian and Canadian—for the most impressionable minds of our society.

Anthology (Short story)

Hard Ticket: New Writing Made in Newfoundland

PS8255.N6 H37 2022

Dixit, Prajwala. “Ekatra.” In Hard Ticket: New Writing Made in Newfoundland, edited by Lisa Moore. St. John’s: Breakwater, 2022, 151-174.

Anthology (Short story)

Us, Now: Stories from the Quilted Collective

PS8329.5.N4 U8 2021

Dixit, Prajwala. “Ondu Nenapu.” In Us, Now: Stories from the Quilted Collective, edited by Lisa Moore. St. John’s: Breakwater, 2021, 35-52.


Publisher Breakwater Books

Prajwala Dixit journalism in Saltwire