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Vinita Kinra

Vinita Kinra was born in Milton, Ontario, but raised in Jaipur, India.  She earned a B.A. from Rajasthan University in 1996 and a diploma in public relations.  She entered an M.A. program in French at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi prior to assuming positions teaching English in France.  Kinra returned to Canada in 2004 and now lives in Toronto.  Her first book, Pavitra in Paris is a collection of short stories.  She is at work on a novel. In addition to writing and editing, Kinra is a public speaker on global issues like environmental protection, women’s empowerment and youth education among others.
Pavitra in Paris book cover

Fiction (Short Stories)

Pavitra in Paris: Stories for Life

Toronto: Greengardens Media, 2013.

Publisher’s Synopsis

Pavitra in Paris is a powerhouse collection of 11 short stories that take the reader on a roller coaster journey from dazzling New York City to remote Indian villages with stopovers at Seattle, Vancouver, Paris, Bamiyan, Jaipur, New Delhi, Patna and Mumbai.
In the title story, a poor old Indian farmer is travelling with his masters.  The author brilliantly unveils the emotional upheavals of this savage human in the midst of cultured urban travellers who mock him as a brute primate.
The 10 other stories are 10 captivating worlds of arranged marriages, lone journey through Thar Desert, finding a groom in an open bazaar, desperation of a snake charmer, falling in love with a high school student while being his mother’s age, finding lifelong friendship with a parrot, committing suicide to teach your family a lesson, and coming face-to-face with your mother’s turbulent past during your own engagement dinner.


Publisher Greengardens Media

Vinita Kinra member profile in the The Writers’ Community of York Region