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Nasim Asgari

Nasim Asgari was born in Tehran and now lives in Toronto. She is passionate about poetry and seeking after truth. Poems collected into her first published collection were written when the author was aged 12-17. Asgari is a student of human rights and equity studies at York University.


What Was Swept Under the Persian Rug

Illustrated by Naeim Asgary.
[No place]: Nasim Asgari, [2019?]

Synopsis (from the author’s words)

what was swept under the persian rug is a collection of pieces surrounding the topics of identity, the politics of individuals & the world, mental wellness, family history & trauma, the upbringings of a young immigrant iranian girl growing up in places she is not accepted & away from family. the book tells stories, that are both investigative & inquisitive, but healing at the same time- carrying a sense of comfort & acceptance even within the rebellion. the book has a life of its own, as the chapters are named after the rug process- the illustrations are the strings from the rug that carries through. it dissects backwards the complex subjects & ideas that are swept away & expected to never be revealed. this is them, in revelation


Nasim Asgari personal website