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Emmanuelle Chateauneuf

Emmanuelle Chateauneuf is a Filippino-French Canadian graphic novelist and comics creator who grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and now lives in Hamilton, Ontario. Her zine The Same Rainbow’s End won the 2022 Best Fan Zine award from Broken Pencil.

Fiction (Graphic novel)

Queen Street

Toronto: Chapterhouse Publishing, 2017.

Publisher’s Synopsis

Meet Aimee, an overworked junior partner at a prestigious law firm in Manila. One storybook romance, four flights, and nine years later, she finds herself living in the small-of-mind but big-in-spirit Canadian town of Sault Ste. Marie. She’s still overworked, but now as a serial full-timer and mother to her only child, Melodie, an intelligent and eccentric seven-year-old whose big personality is only rivalled by her bigger imagination.

Join Aimee, Melodie, and a cast of unlikely characters who are just as confused and lost as they are, as they stumble blindly for twelve consecutive hours through the beautifully disastrous comedy of life!


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