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Ruby Lang

Ruby Lang is a successful romance novelist who also uses another pen-name: Opal Wei. She was born in Vancouver, raised in Winnipeg and lived for a couple of decades in New York before recently relocating to Toronto. Her self-published e-novellas include I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (2023) and The Art of Losing (2023).


Acute Reactions

Canelo Romance, 2021.
Series: Practice Perfect ; bk. 1.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

Petra Lale knows her job isn’t sexy. Being an allergist hardly invites enticing conversation (or imagery). But she’s damn proud of the solo practice she’s set up, and will do whatever it takes to make it a success.

Restaurateur Ian Zamora is allergic to his girlfriend’s cat. Wanting to cure his sensitivities, the last thing he expects is the intense attraction between him and his new allergist, Petra.

When Ian’s girlfriend becomes his ex, and Petra no longer needs to treat his allergies, will the two be able to carve time out of their careers to fall in love? Love is nothing to sneeze at, but Petra must decide if Ian is really worth the distraction.


Clean Breaks

Canelo Romance, 2021.
Series: Practice Perfect ; bk. 3.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

Sarah Soon may have recovered from cancer, but her brush with mortality has left the usually confident ob/gyn doctor shaken. One thing is certain, she doesn’t want Jake Li, her brother’s annoyingly good – and disturbingly hot – best friend hanging around.

Everyone tells newly divorced social worker Jake that he shouldn’t look for a serious relationship right now. But Jake can’t stay away from Sarah, and despite her complicated past Sarah can’t stop wanting Jake. This is one break that neither of them can make.


Hard Knocks

Canelo Romance, 2021.
Series: Practice Perfect ; bk. 2.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

Neurologist Helen Chang Frobisher is on a mission to ban ice hockey to prevent the kind of concussive brain injury that plagues her father. Professional player Adam Magnus is desperately trying to secure his career and his retirement despite his team’s dismal record.

In public, Adam and Helen spar over the future of the sports franchise. In private, they find themselves battling an impossible attraction. Even as they fight over the ice, they can’t deny the scorching chemistry pulling them together.

Only one of them can come out on top, but what happens when winning means losing each other?


The Uptown Collection

Carina Press, 2020.
Collects three e-novellas published 2019-2020: Playing House, Open House, and House Rules.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

A fake relationship becomes a little too real…

A heated rivalry blurs into love…

A temporary reunion might not be so temporary…

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Harlem, these charming, irresistible stories look at the many different ways couples find each other and what it means to fall in love.


Wild Life

Issued under the name Opal Wei.
Toronto: Harlequin: 2024.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

The Plan was simple: find a cure for the cancer that nearly took her sister’s life. But for Zoey Fong, something about The Plan isn’t working anymore. When a crucial tissue sample accidentally winds up in the hands of a very distracting—and disarmingly handsome—visitor, Zoey jumps at the chance to follow him home to retrieve it.

Davy Hsieh’s rugged island estate is no manicured suburban park. His plan is simple: establish a legitimate animal sanctuary and embrace life as a hermit to make up for a sketchy past. Zoey invading his fortress of solitude should not, under any circumstances, be a romantic development.

And yet it’s the single most invigorating week of their lives…when they’re able to set their many differences aside and embrace it. Stranded amid all manner of flora and fauna—including a semidomesticated cougar called Baby—Davy and Zoey first have to survive the island. Then they’ll need to take a leap of faith, maybe even trusting in each other, to save it.


Ruby Lang and Opal Wei personal website

Publisher Canelo Romance

Publisher Harlequin, that also publishes Carina Press