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Day’s Lee

Montreal native, Day’s Lee, helped out for many years at her family’s Chinese-Canadian restaurant. She is a freelance journalist and a graduate of Concordia University where she earned a BA in journalism and English literature. Her fictional works have appeared in several anthologies and literary magazines. She is working on a screenplay.

Fiction (Juvenile, Picture book)

The Fragrant Garden

Illustrations by Josée Bellemare.
Toronto: Napoleon Publishing, 2005.

Publisher’s Synopsis

Jade is a curious nine-year-old who likes to help out at her family’s Chinese restaurant, the Fragrant Garden, after school. Though she is often allowed to help set tables or clean up, she longs to be part of the more exciting tasks such as helping in the kitchen or using the cash register.
How can Jade convince her father that she is ready for more responsibility?

Guitar Hero book cover

Fiction (Young adult)

Guitar Hero

N.p.: Createspace, 2013.

Synopsis (from author’s website)

Sometimes you have to lose it all to discover what you really have. Life can’t get any worse for sixteen-year-old David Chang. He lost his job, is on the verge of being kicked out of his best friend’s band, and Christine thinks he lied to avoid going to the prom with her. How can one little mistake totally ruin a guy’s life? One is all it takes to make David face the music and learn what it really means to be a guitar hero.

Anthology (Short story)

Telling Stories: New English Stories From Québec

PS8329.5 .Q4 T45 2002

Lee, Days’.  “Warrior Women.” In Telling Stories: New English Stories From Québec, edited by Claude Lalumière. Montréal: Véhicule Press, 2002, 196-199.

This short story received an Honourable Mention in the CBC Radio-Québec Writers’ Federation Short Story Contest of 2001-2002.


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