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Maha Hussain

Maha Hussain began writing her debut novel when she was twelve years of age and had self-published Faded when she was only fifteen.  At the time, she was living in Oakville, Ontario and attending a pre-international baccalaureate program at a local high school and aspired to become a doctor.
Faded book cover



[Oakville, Ont.]: TRI Publishing, 2010.

Publisher’s Synopsis

When Hope Padden’s parents unexpectedly die in a car crash that she survived her life get turned upside down.
Hope begins to see and hear things that aren’t supposed to exist.  Soon she is attacked by shadow people and visited by her old imaginary friend, that is no longer so imaginary and wants revenge on her.  When it turns out these two things are connected, Hope is transported to a mysterious new dimension where she must work with her vengeful imaginary friend to help save the world from fear and unhappiness.