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Andrea Gunraj

Andrea Gunraj’s parents immigrated to Canada from Guyana. She is a novelist and essayist living in Toronto, Ontario.


The Lost Sister

Halifax: Vagrant Press/Nimbus Publishing, 2019.
PS8613.U58 L67 2019

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

Alisha and Diana are young sisters living at Jane and Finch, a Toronto suburb full of immigrants trying to build new lives in North America. Diana, the eldest, is the light of the little family, the one Alisha longs to emulate more than anyone else. But when Diana doesn’t come home one night and her body is discovered in the woods, Alisha becomes haunted. She thinks she knows who did it, but can’t tell anyone about it.

Unable to handle the loss of their daughter and unaware of Alisha’s secret guilt, the family unravels. It’s only through an unusual friendship with Paula, an older woman who volunteers at her school, that Alisha finds reprieve. Once an orphan in the Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children and estranged from her own sister, Paula helps Alisha understand that the chance for redemption and peace only comes with facing difficult truths.


The Sudden Disappearance of Seetha

Toronto: Alfred A. Knopf Canada, 2009.
PS8613 .U58 S93 2009

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

This [debut novel] begins in the first minutes following a mother’s discovery that her three-year-old daughter has been abducted. These early pages launch us into the mother’s story. Headstrong, defiant, and troubled, Neela navigates a bitter relationship with her genius brother, Navi, and her grandmother, and eventually escapes her stultifying village with the bad seed of the town to a new resort development in the heart of the Caribbean country’s rainforest. Jaroon soon comes to embody the corruption that festers in this alienating place. When Neela, now the young mother of Jaroon’s child, grows afraid of his unpredictable brutality and leaves him, she sets into motion a terrifying chain of events that changes all those who know them.


Andrea Gunraj personal website

Publisher Random House of Canada

Audio Interview with Michael Schellenberg from the website