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Kelly Kaur

Kelly Kaur was raised in Singapore and moved to Canada for post-secondary education (BA(H) and MA) at the University of Calgary. Kaur’s published writings include poetry, short stories and one novel. She is an instructor at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta.


Letters to Singapore: A Novel

Edmonton: Stonehouse Publishing, 2022.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

Growing up in Singapore, Simran always knew what was expected of her: to learn how to be a good mother and wife. The only problem? Simran has no interest in any of this. After a close escape (almost at the altar!), Simran earns a reprieve to attend the University of Calgary in Canada. Letters exchanged back home to her mother, sister and friends reveal that no matter which path women take, traditional or independent, life is fraught with conflict, hilarity and peril. Simran’s experience as a brave and hopeful young woman and a new Canadian will touch your heart; her thoughtful determination to chart her own course will inspire you.


Kelly Kaur faculty page at Mount Royal University

Publisher Stonehouse Publishing