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Nancy Lam

Nancy Lam majored in Canadian history during her undergraduate studies and went on to earn a law degree. Based in Toronto, Lam is an immigration lawyer. Her debut novel is based on her mother’s immigration story to Canada.


The Loyal Daughter

Winnipeg: At Bay Press, 2022.
Forthcoming Sept. 2022.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

The Loyal Daughter is a novel in stories, told from the perspective of mother, daughter, and granddaughter and spans the 1940s to modern day. A young woman in a village in Communist China finds herself scrapping her way through the crowded streets of Hong Kong. She immigrates to an isolated Northern Ontario city and finally settles in Toronto. When she finds herself stuck in a small apartment above a clothing store, with four kids, her mother, two siblings, and a husband who is never home, the promise of a new beginning fades. Filled with heart-breaking sacrifices, struggles, and secrets that shape her identity, The Loyal Daughter stands testament to a woman’s true resilience.


Publisher At Bay Press