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Nav K. Gill

Nav K. Gill is a writer living in Brampton, Ontario. Her debut novel, Under the Moonlit Sky, draws upon her family’s immigrant experiences and the turmoil of 1980s India.

Fiction (Young adult)

Under the Moonlit Sky

Toronto: Napoleon Publishing, 2010.

Publisher’s Synopsis

It’s the spring of 1984 in British Columbia, and life is just getting exciting for Esha. A secret that looms over her family has reinforced her proud resistance to her family’s Indian identity. However, one day changes everything, and Eshas well-thought-out rebellion is put to the test. In the blink of an eye, she is forced to step up and fulfill her father’s last wish, taking her thousands of miles away to a place she never dreamed of visiting: India. Forced to follow traditions she has denied her whole life and fighting the temptations of an unlikely love interest, Esha must now confront her new reality. As she comes to understand her heritage, she also becomes a victim of the highly unstable political climate in 1984 Delhi. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has just been assassinated, political tensions rise, and now only one chant can be heard: Blood for blood. Esha must fight to survive the three days of brutal chaos that erupts throughout Delhi in the aftermath of the prime minister’s assassination.


Publisher Dundurn (distributor of Napoleon books)