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Jesmeen Kaur Deo

Jesmeen Kaur Deo is an Indo-Canadian writer who grew up in northern British Columbia and now lives in Ontario.

Fiction (Young adult)

TJ Powar Has Something to Prove

New York: Viking, 2022.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

When TJ Powar—a pretty, popular debater—and her cousin Simran become the subject of a meme: with TJ being the “expectation” of dating an Indian girl and her Sikh cousin who does not remove her body hair being the “reality”—TJ decides to take a stand.
She ditches her razors, cancels her waxing appointments, and sets a debate resolution for herself: “This House Believes That TJ Powar can be her hairy self, and still be beautiful.” Only, as she sets about proving her point, she starts to seriously doubt anyone could care about her just the way she is—even when the infuriating boy from a rival debate team seems determined to prove otherwise.
As her carefully crafted sense of self begins to crumble, TJ realizes that winning this debate may cost her far more than the space between her eyebrows. And that the hardest judge to convince of her arguments might just be herself. 

Awards and Honours

2023 Amy Mathers Teen Book Award (Finalist)


Jesmeen Kaur Deo personal website

Publisher Viking, an imprint of Penguin Random House