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David Kingston Yeh

David K. Yeh is a native of Kingston, Ontario. He earned an MA in cultural sociology at Queen’s University. Yeh has lived in Toronto since 1993 and currently works as and educator and counsellor with LGBTQ2S youth. Yeh wrote four plays that were produced in addition to short stories and now his first novel, A Boy at the Edge of the World.


The B-side of Daniel Garneau

Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2023.
Forthcoming October 2023

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

The B-Side of Daniel Garneau concludes a rollicking three-book series set in Toronto featuring the misadventures of boyfriends Daniel and David, their eccentric family and friends. As Daniel prepares to graduate from med school and propose marriage, David sets out to donate his sperm so his brother can have a baby. But as his celebrity ex, Marcus, launches his boldest exhibit yet, an unexpected crisis forces Daniel to re-evaluate his priorities in life.


A Boy at the Edge of the World

Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2018.
PS8647 .E47 B69 2018

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

Meet Daniel Garneau, your average gay hockey player from small-town Ontario. After moving to Toronto to attend university, Daniel meets David, a bike mechanic whose Catholic Italian mother talks to her dead husbands. Their chemistry is immediate, but Daniel is still drawn to his ex-boyfriend Marcus, a performance artist whose grandfather was a book-burning Nazi. A Boy at the Edge of the World is a rollicking dramedy that explores the compulsive and (ultimately) universal human pursuit of intimacy, sex, and love.


Tales from the Bottom of My Sole

Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2020.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

Ma misses the sun, warmth and colors of their faraway homeland, but her daughter sees magic in everything — the clouds in the winter sky, the “firework” display when she throws an armful of snow into the air, making snow angels, tasting snowflakes. And in the end, her joy is contagious. Home is where family is, after all.

When a long-lost sister shows up as a trans man named Luke, a series of precipitous events throws the lives of boyfriends Daniel and David into turmoil. While David attends an extravagant family reunion in Sicily, Daniel’s ex Marcus plans the world-premiere of his one-man show. The couple’s vertiginous exploration of sex, intimacy and love comes to a head when a shocking revelation tests their commitment and future together.


David Kingston Yeh personal website

Publisher Guernica Editions