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Michael Cho

Michael Cho was born in South Korea but moved to Canada when he was a young child.  He now lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.  He is a successful illustrator, cartoonist and now a graphic novelist.
Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes book cover

Artist Book

Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes

Montreal: Drawn & Quarterly, 2012.
NC143 .C56 A4 2012

Publisher’s Synopsis

Michael Cho began creating drawings of the back alleys near his Toronto home in 2006.  With this book, he has amassed a collection that speaks to the beauty of the urban landscape: sometimes grittily citified, sometimes unexpectedly pastoral, and always bewitching.  Cho is a skilled draftsman, and Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes shines with lovingly rendered details, from expletive-filled graffiti splayed across backyard fences to the graceful twists of power lines over a bend in the road.

Shoplifter book cover

Graphic Novel


New York: Pantheon Books, 2014.
PN6733 .C58 S56 2014

Publisher’s Synopsis

Corinna Park used to have big plans.
Studying English literature in college, she imagined writing a successful novel and leading the idealized life of an author.  But she’s been working at the same advertising agency for the past five years and the only thing that she’s written is– copy.  Corrina knows there must be more to life, and she faces the same question as does everyone in her generation: how to find it?


Michael Cho’s Sketchbook (personal blog)

Publisher Drawn & Quarterly

Publisher Pantheon Books

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