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Allan Matudio

Allan Matudio was born in Montreal to Filipino parents. He is a visual artist, writer and organizer who worked in nano-chemistry and analytical chemistry for a couple of years following his graduation with a masters degree in chemical engineering. His interest in art drew him back to art school that eventually led to his day job with a video game company.

Fiction (Graphic novel)


Second edition. (Published in a different format in 2020.)
Winnipeg: ANAK Publishing Worker Cooperative, Ltd., 2021.

Publisher’s Synopsis

A dark force has been increasingly manifesting itself after centuries of deep rooting within the prosperous soils of the archipelago known as the Philippines.

Kia and Allison are unlikely allies who arrive at the bustling city of Orkidias unaware that they will soon face one of the most notorious creatures to have ever oppressed the islands.

Kasama draws upon the author’s experiences as a tourist in his homeland, as a community volunteer in the diaspora, and as a student relearning his heritage.


Allan Matudio presence on Instagram @allanmima

Publisher ANAK Publishing