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Alia Ceniza Rasul

Alia Ceniza Rasul was born in the Philippines, grew up in a Philippine community in the Middle East and later immigrated to Canada where she settled in Toronto. A comedian, and writer, Rasul is working on a play and is a member of the Tita Collective, an “all Filipina ensemble of multidisciplinary artists based in Toronto, composed of award-winning actors, comedians, singers, musicians, dancers, playwrights and creators.”


Super Important Filipina Thoughts

Winnipeg: ANAK Publishing Worker Cooperative Ltd, 2021.

Publisher’s Synospsis (From its website)

Super Important Filipina Thoughts is a collection of hilariously irreverent poetry by Filipina comedian, Alia Ceniza Rasul. The collection reflects Rasul’s musings on identity, family, navigating relationships and friendships, and growing up Filipina. There is more than one poem about suman.


Alia Ceniza Rasul personal website

Publisher ANAK Publishing