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Masayuki Tanabe

Masayuki Tanabe studied at Sheridan College and continues to live in Oakville, Ontario. He has written poetry for two decades.


My Voice, My Pain, My Love

Oakville, ON: Mosaic Press, 2019.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

The poems in Masayuki’s latest collection My Voice, My Pain, My Love have a poignant simplicity but a seering aftermath which makes them unforgettable. Once you read one, you will want to read more…and more…and more…then you are forced to re-read. He knows and has experienced the full range of human emotions – the voices of others …and his own voice, the many pains inflicted on others …and himself, the eschatology of feelings and love. Masayuki’s lines are deceptively simple but are possessed of indelible character “Sand is slipping through the hourglass/Like a gazelle being hunted/Ever since the moment/Of my conception/Time has been my predator…” He probes, he explores, he is fearless…here is a poet of rare talent and of deep humility!


My Deepest Feelings

: Publichamerica Inc., 2007.


Publisher Mosaic Press