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Grace Lau

Grace Lau is a Hong Kong-born Chinese Canadian writer who was raised in Vancouver, BC and until recently lived in Toronto and worked as a marketing director. Lau graduated from Carleton University.


The Language We Were Never Taught to Speak

Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2021.

Publisher’s Synopsis (From its website)

The poems in The Language We Were Never Taught to Speak explore the many identities, both visible and invisible, that a body contains. With influences from pop culture, the Bible, tech, and Hong-Kongese history, these pieces reflect and reveal how the stories of immigrants in Canada hold both universal truths and singular distinctions. From boybands that show the way to become “the kind of girl a girl could love” to “rich flavours that are just a few generations of poverty away,” they invite the reader to meditate on spirituality, food, and the shapes love takes.


Publisher Guernica Editions