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Films & Music

The Library subscribes to an extensive collection of online videos, DVDs, images, music and sounds that supports course-related instruction and research. It includes a wide array of foreign films, documentaries and tutorials. Find resources by searching the Library’s media databases.

Streaming Video Collections

Streaming Audio Collections


Information for Faculty

Audio-Visual Services may request, on behalf of faculty, digital rights for streaming selected video titles in the Library collection. Cost, conditions for use, and expiry date vary depending upon rights owners or distributors. Subject librarians will be consulted for payment of streaming rights, at their discretion. Check with Audio-Visual Services to see if a specific title in the Library collection is available for streaming. To integrate access with e-reserve in D2L Brightspace, check with the Library’s E-Reserve service.

Access from home requires an active torontomu account with Library privileges. The terms of use, in general, are similar to accessing articles and journals, but please check the license or copyright agreement for each specific resource whenever such an agreement is available.

Feature Film Licenses

As of Nov. 7th 2012, public performance rights for the educational use of cinematographic works in physical format (DVD or VHS for example), or in digital format and legally posted on the open public Internet (and not protected by passwords, user agreements, or digital locks) are no longer required. Exhibition in public of any library obtained audio-visual titles for a purpose other than education usually require additional public performance rights.

Library audiovisual streaming collections come with licenses that cover educational use for our campus community. Other uses of our online audiovisual materials may require additional licenses.

Online audiovisual material that is behind digital locks (accessed by passwords) and accessed via personal user accounts like paid-for digital streaming services such as Netflix, Prime, Crave etc. are for personal use only and unless otherwise noted cannot be used for shared classroom use without an additional streaming licence being obtained.