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Immersion Studio Resources

Background Information

The Immersion Studio Information Document contains all the information found on the Library’s Immersion Studio web pages and additional content related to the software used in the Immersion Studio. It also contains examples of 360 video, images and sound projects compatible with the Immersion Studio.

360 Image Photoshop Template

This 360 Image Photoshop Template can be used to create any 360 panoramic image. The document is setup in an RGB colour space that is 8000px wide, and 1000px tall. Any materials that are placed in the template and exported as either a PNG or JPG should work in the Immersion Studio.

Panoramic Video Template

The Panoramic Video Template is a Premiere Pro file that has a sequence setup up for an 8:1 aspect ratio. This template can be used to create 360 panoramic videos from content that was not originally captured using 360 cameras.

Unity Package

The Unity Package download contains basic assets for building simple navigation Unity scenes in the Immersion Studio and a Unity toolkit API to allow compatibility with the Immersion Studio. The package contains a movement pad prefab which enables navigation using the NavMesh agent in Unity, C# scripts to allow for mouse click and look interactions, and documentation to setup your scene for spatial/3D audio sources.