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On June 12, Toronto Metropolitan University Libraries will launch OMNI, an academic search tool designed to bring library search and service functions together to provide a seamless, one-stop search experience for users.

Troubleshooting Access to Electronic Resources

Unauthorized User: You are not permitted to access this resource

To access the Library’s electronic resources you must be a TMU student (full or part time), staff or faculty member. The following categories of borrowers do not have access to our electronic resources:

  • alumni
  • students not currently enrolled in a course
  • members of the public who have purchased TMU Library cards
  • direct borrowers from other universities
  • George Brown ECE students
  • George Brown and Centennial College Nursing students in their first and second years.

If you believe that you should have access to our resources, please submit a problem support form to the CCS Help Desk and contact the Library Circulation Desk (416-979-5055, option 2) or

Unable to Log In

  • Activate Your my.torontomu Account
    An active my.torontomu account is necessary for accessing the Library resources. Please wait 30 minutes before trying to access Library e-resources after activation.
  • Check Your Password
    Your password must be typed exactly as you set it during activation – pay close attention to upper and lowercase letters.
  • Forgotten Your Password? Change your password using your challenge phrases
    Students: If you have forgotten your password and not set up challenge phrases, please bring your student ID card to the Student Computing Help Desk (KHW71), where an adviser will change your password.
    Distance Education Students: If you cannot come to campus, contact Distance Education Student Support Services at or 416-979-5315.
    Faculty: If you have not set up challenge phrases, please contact the CCS Help Desk for information about changing your password (x6806)
  • Check Your Username
    Your torontomu username is the part before the in your official TMU email address.
  • Check Your Keyboard
    Make sure that the Caps Lock is turned OFF
  • Try Logging in to your TMU email account
    Your Gmail account uses the same username and password as you do for access to the Library resources

Still can’t log in?


  • Call the Student Help Desk at 416-979-5000, ext. 6840 or
  • Submit an online problem form to CCS student support or
  • Contact Help for Distance Education Students