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Learn how to use the new academic search tool, Omni.


What Can be Requested

A request may be placed on an item that is on loan (i.e. has a Due Date listed) to another user.  Several categories of items (Reserve, reference, non-circulating items, etc.) are not be eligible for requests as they are high-demand items with short loan periods.  Also, available items may also not be requested.

How to Request an Item

To place a request on an item you must be logged into OMNI.

  1. Log into Omni
  2. Search for the desired title in Omni and view its details.
  3. Under the Get It section, click on Request. (If you do not see this option, ensure that you are logged in)

  4. Enter the date after which you no longer require this item. (Note that this will not speed up the delivery of your request.)
  5. Click on Send Request

After requesting you will receive a message indicating that your request has been sent.

Need Assistance? If you encounter any issues, seek help at the Circulation Desk.

Check the Status of Your Requests

  1. Sign into Omni with your my.torontomu username and password
  2. Click on My Requests

If nothing is listed, you do not have any active requests.

Cancel a Request

  1. Sign into Omni using your my.torontomu username and password
  2. Click on My Requests
  3. Find the request you wish to cancel and click X Cancel
  4. Click on Cancel It to confirm

Request Notification and Pickup

  • Once a request is ready, the item will be held at the Circulation Desk for 7 days.
  • An email notice will be sent when the item is ready to be picked up.