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Postering Policy

Postering in TMU Libraries, including entrance and exit doors and windows, is not permitted. Signage and/or notices are installed and posted only by library administration, staff, facilities and building maintenance crews to provide information related to library services, wayfinding, and/or advising of temporary issues (e.g. out of order, hazards, etc.). 

Any notice (including posters, notes, announcements, flyers, advertisements, signs, etc.) not posted by these groups, will be removed. 

While there is no postering, and there are no poster boards located inside TMU Libraries, there are a number of boards in and around campus including outside TMU Libraries east side (Kerr Hall) entrance, and Library Building stairs (lower ground entrance to 2nd floor Library Building). 

For information regarding postering on campus, please refer to the University’s Community Regulations on Posters.