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Noise Policy

  • The Library is intended as a place of quiet study. On floors 4-10, we expect individual quiet study, with the 10th floor designated as a silent study floor.
  • Low level discussion will be permitted in the group study rooms on those floors – due to lack of soundproofing, the level of group discussion must be respectful of the “absolute quiet” culture of the floors as a whole.
  • During regular patrols, Library staff and/or Security Guards will speak to users who are found making excessive noise
  • Users who encounter unacceptable noise levels should direct their complaints to a patrolling Library staff member, Security Guard, or to a service desk on the 2nd floor.
  • Users who refuse to be quiet will be issued warnings to comply with the Library’s expectations around quiet study – after three warnings and continued refusal to comply, they will be asked to leave the Library.
  • Security will be called to assist in eviction should that be necessary.
  • In the case of students who fail to comply with the rules when requested, a report will be made to the Director of Student Services who is responsible for the Student Code of Conduct.