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On June 12, Toronto Metropolitan University Libraries will launch OMNI, an academic search tool designed to bring library search and service functions together to provide a seamless, one-stop search experience for users.

Acquisitions Budget



*In this dataset, “esubscriptions” are searchable collections of published information primarily from electronic journals. This category also includes ongoing expenditures for newspapers, magazines, conference papers, books, encyclopedias, multimedia sources, audio-visual resources, etc.

This page shows a stacked bar chart and a table displaying the TMU University Library collections acquisitions budget by academic year separated by resource type, including print print books, ebooks, print subscriptions and esubscriptions. These visualizations show that the acquisitions budget has increased over time. This budget increase, especially for esubscriptions, has occurred in response to the rising cost of academic resources, the addition of new resources, and currency fluctuations.