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Approval Plans

An approval plan is a collection development tool used by university libraries to build collections efficiently. Libraries employ vendors to facilitate the approval plan. A profile is defined with the vendor detailing the subject areas the library wishes to acquire. In addition to subject areas, price, format, and publishers are taken into consideration. Once the profile has been refined, the vendor will automatically ship the books to the library on a regular basis; however the profiles are under continuous review and can be modified at any time. Librarians evaluate the material and approve it for the collection.

Benefits of using an approval plan include saving the time of librarians and library staff, consistent expenditure of funds, substantial discounts, and faster receipt of newly published material.

TMU began using this method for US and UK material in 2006. Canadian material started coming in on approval in 2007.  In 2012, we moved to an “e-preferred” approval plan. When a title is made available electronically at time of publication, the library will receive the ebook, otherwise the print book is sent to the library.

Faculty members are encouraged to send suggestions for purchases via their Subject Liaison Librarian.

For more information about our approval plan, please contact Val Lem