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Code of Conduct

  1. Library users expect an environment conducive to study and research. Behaviour which disrupts these activities is not acceptable. E.g. noise.
  2. A safe, well-maintained building is conducive to study and research. Improper use of facilities is not acceptable. This includes theft of equipment or the property of others, movement of furniture, vandalism, posting of notices without permission, and unauthorized presence in non-public areas of the Library.
  3. Library computer equipment is intended to facilitate access to and management of library information. For more information see the Library’s Computer Use Policy
  4. Library users expect equal and open access to library materials. Unauthorized removal, misplacement or mutilation of library materials, or retention of overdue materials, violates this right.
  5. While eating and drinking are permitted in most areas of the Library, users are expected to adhere to the Food and Drink Policy.
  6. Smoking poses a danger to the library collection and a health risk to other users. Smoking is not permitted.
  7. Library users expect equal access to study and research space. Improper use of or obstruction of access to study and research facilities is not acceptable.
  8. Library staff and users should expect cooperation, courtesy and respect for individual rights as part of the social contract of the university community. Library users are expected to provide identification to library staff acting in the course of their duties where a violation of library regulations is in question.