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Challenged Materials Policy

April 2, 2024


As part of Toronto Metropolitan University Libraries’ commitment to building research collections of significant depth and scope, librarians and archivists strive to collect materials that represent a diverse range of subjects, viewpoints, and perspectives.

Toronto Metropolitan University Libraries fully supports the Canadian Federation of Library Associations’ Statement on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries, as well as the guiding principles of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries concerning Freedom of Expression. These statements underscore our dedication to protecting free expression and intellectual freedom, affirming our commitment to facilitating access to all forms of knowledge, opinion, intellectual activity, and creativity, regardless of whether they may be considered unconventional, unpopular, unorthodox, or unacceptable [1].

TMU Libraries invites the entire University community to embrace and promote these values, which are fundamental to our academic mission of fostering a free and respectful exchange of ideas. We encourage everyone to celebrate ideas that inspire, question those that may disagree with, and engage with those that challenge us. Together, let us defend the right of all members of the University community to participate in this exchange in a manner that fosters a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment open to all.

Policy Statement

Members of the TMU community who wish to register an objection to the inclusion or access to items within the collection may submit a challenge. All challenges will be reviewed by the Dean of Libraries, in consultation with the Associate Deans of Libraries, and the Collection Services Department Head, relevant subject liaison librarians, and when necessary, relevant faculty experts.

While all challenges will be thoughtfully assessed, challenges will primarily be considered through the lens of the Library’s professional commitment to intellectual freedom and access to information, and through the lens of freedom of expression as enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms.

TMU Libraries will assess each challenge and will make the final decision on the retention, access, or classification of all items in the collection. 

[1] Canadian Association of Research Libraries. (1987). Principles: Freedom of Expression.

Drafted based on York University Challenged Materials Policy