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Feature from the Collections: The Model Slide Rule

The Model Slide Rule, hung on display at the Ryerson Archives
The Model Slide Rule (RG 221.10)

One of the Archives longest artifacts (when fully extended it reaches 18 feet), this model slide rule was donated by the Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science Department. It was used for demonstration purposes in the classroom. It served as a useful visual aide by instructors who would need to explain concepts on the chalk board to a classroom of students. The students could then follow along with their respective slide rules.

The slide rule was developed in the 17th century and was used for calculations in science and engineering before the advent of the pocket calculator.

Donald Mordell, Ryerson’s President from 1970-1974, also donated his personal slide rule and case. He was a distinguished international engineer and academic.

Donald Mordell's slide rule and case. (Artifact 563, shelf 642)
Donald Mordell’s slide rule and case. (F 422.42)