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On June 12, Toronto Metropolitan University Libraries will launch OMNI, an academic search tool designed to bring library search and service functions together to provide a seamless, one-stop search experience for users.


Geospatial Map and Data Centre labs, research support and instructional services are available from Monday to Friday – 10am to 5pm. Depending on the particular request, consultations will be arranged with the GIS and Map Librarian, Data Librarian, or the GIS Analyst.

The GIS Analyst is available (drop-in or by appointment) during the Fall Term 2023 for in-person or virtual consultation in the GMDC during the following hours:

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Note: Given the high demand for GIS support, we suggest Booking an Appointmentappointments will be given priority during GMDC hours of operation.

The GIS & Data Lab workstations and Paper Map Inventory are available during TMU Library Hours.