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GIS and Data Lab Policy

The GIS & Data Instruction Lab and Research Consultation Area feature 22 high performance workstations and an 80 inch touch screen instruction monitor to support interactive learning. Access to specialized software packages includes ArcGIS (ESRI), AutoDesk, MapInfo Professional 11.5, SPSS, and Beyond 20/20.


The Geospatial Map and Data Centre (GMDC) is designated as a ‘no food or drink’ research and instruction space. Library users expect an environment conducive to study and research. Behaviour which disrupts these activities is not acceptable. Please use your cell phone respectfully.

Have respect for your fellow students. If you experience any issues, please Contact GMDC Staff or Security.

Workstation Access

The GMDC is intended for collaborative work with GIS and related Statistics & Data software packages. Students who require access to these resources have priority access to workstations in the Geospatial, Map and Data Centre.

First Come, First Served – Library users expect equal access to study and research space. Improper use of or obstruction of access to study and research facilities is not acceptable (you may not save seats for others).

Thank you for your cooperation.


Toronto Metropolitan University Library & Archives – Code of Conduct