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Land Information Ontario (LIO)

Land Information Ontario (LIO)

LIO manages a geospatial data warehouse spanning the province of Ontario including: road networks, trails, wetlands, lakes, rivers, and streams, parks and protected areas, soils and bedrock, ortho-photography, satellite imagery, heritage sites and municipal boundaries.

LIO Data Access:

Step 1: Connect to the LIO Metadata Management Tool to search or browse the LIO Inventory.

Step 2: Select Open Data on the left menu to view a list of all the open data.

Step 3: Connect to Scholars GeoPortal and search for data sets NOT available as Open Data.

Step 4: The Toronto Metropolitan University Library – Geospatial Map & Data Centre is a member of the Ontario Geospatial Data Exchange (OGDE). Submit a Direct Request for Geospatial Data for data sets NOT available as Open Data or via Scholars GeoPortal.