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On June 12, Toronto Metropolitan University Libraries will launch OMNI, an academic search tool designed to bring library search and service functions together to provide a seamless, one-stop search experience for users.

Open Source GIS

Quantum GIS (QGIS)

How Do I Do That in QGIS? – How to perform basic GIS operations in QGIS

QGIS Tutorial and Tips – Support: Quickstart, Basic/Intermediate/Advanced GIS Operations, Scripting, Web Mapping

QGIS – Short Videos Tutorials – Support: Projections, Raster Analysis, GIS Map Composer and GPS Integration

Creating Simple Maps in QuantumGIS (University of Waterloo – Geospatial Centre)

QGIS Workshop – Shuffling Quantum GIS into the Open Source GIS Stack



MakePath A continuously updated list of open source GIS software over the last 40 years till date.



Video Tutorials – Working with OpenStreetMap (



Creating Simple Maps in TatukGIS (University of Waterloo – Geospatial Centre)