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On June 12, Toronto Metropolitan University Libraries will launch OMNI, an academic search tool designed to bring library search and service functions together to provide a seamless, one-stop search experience for users.

ArcGIS Student Edition

NOTE:  This software is only available to students, staff and faculty in the departments of Geography, Environmental Studies, Civil Engineering , Urban and Regional Planning, Architecture, Retail Management, Chemistry and Biology at Toronto Metropolitan University. Note – Graduate Students in programs associated with these departments are eligible to request the software.

Read through the ArcGIS 10 Desktop Student Edition software release agreement then submit your software request below.

  • This software is provided for the exclusive purpose of teaching, academic research, and publishing.
  • Users are prohibited from using this software for any commercial, contractual or income generating
    ventures either privately or under the auspices of the educational institution.
  • The distribution of this software outside this educational institution through sale, donation, transfer,
    copying or exchange is strictly prohibited.
  • Each single authorized end user, may install and use the software, data, and documentation on a single
  • The term of use is for one year (365 days), which starts upon registration of the Student Edition software.

By submitting the application, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions above, and agree to abide by them.

Follow the steps below to obtain or request access to various GIS software.


Step 1 – Click HERE.  Log in using your torontomu credentials (currently you must use your email).

Step 2 – *** Prior to downloading ArcGIS Pro, you need to have Microsoft MFA enabled
– Visit
– Login – Go to Personal account
– Go to Microsoft MFA. Ensure MFA is enabled
– If it is not enabled, please set it up and follow the prompts

Step 3 –  Once logged in, go to your name on the top-right and go to “My Settings” | Licenses | ArcGIS Pro – Download

Step 4 – Once you have installed and opened ArcGIS Pro, login with your torontomu account to begin using the software.

ArcGIS 10

Step 1 – Click HERE to request access to download and install ArcGIS 10.

ArcGIS Online

Step 1 – Click HERE.  Log into the ENTERPRISE LOGIN using your TMU credentials.

ESRI Training

Step 1 – Click HERE.  Log into the ENTERPRISE LOGIN using your TMU credentials.
Step 2 – Click HERE to access ESRI training material.

Step 3 – Once you have created an ENTERPRISE account, use your log in credentials when prompted to begin using training modules.