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GIS Courses & Help Guides

GIS Courses – ESRI Virtual Campus

ESRI Virtual Campus courses consist of tutorials and background readings related to various aspects of ESRI software products, namely ArcGIS Desktop software. Members of the TMU Community (faculty, students & staff) can access free online GIS courses for the purpose of academic, teaching and non-commercial research. Once the registration procedure is completed, courses are available for one-year after the activation date.

Getting Started with ESRI Virtual Campus

Step 1: Complete request form to access course codes:  Request ESRI Virtual Campus Courses

Step 2: Once you have received your invitation to the Toronto Metropolitan University ArcGIS network, click on HERE to browse the ESRI Training Catalog.
*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** In order to access all courses, you must be logged in prior to browsing the ESRI Training Catalog.

Are you new to ArcGIS Desktop? If so, we recommended the following course that introduces fundamental concepts of GIS and the major functionality contained within ArcGIS Desktop software.

Learning ArcGIS Desktop (for ArcGIS 10)


GIS Help Guides and Tutorials

Are you looking for specific data and software support?

If so, access free help guides and tutorials organized under the following categories:

GIS Fundamentals
Data Download Support
ArcGIS Desktop & Online
Open Source GIS
Census Mapping
Google Earth
Commercial GIS Support

How to…GIS Help Guides and Tutorials – Ontario University Libraries have compiled a list of GIS Help Guides and Tutorials to assist with common GIS related task and processes.