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Paul Benson

Paul Benson, a self-described lifelong learner and communicator, is in his first year of the Disability Studies program at the TMU School of Disability Studies. Benson continually strives to learn as much as he can about how the world works and to examine areas where it simply doesn’t. As a person with a disability, he sees areas of social breakdown and inequities that need to be addressed that may not be apparent to many leading a more “mainstream” life. Benson feels fortunate to have these experiences of difference that have highlighted possibilities for different – more inclusive and more respectful – ways of organizing society. He now wants to share what he’s discovering with a much broader audience and advocate for changes he feels are necessary and – in some cases – long overdue. Through project work, research, and advocacy, Benson believes he can make a positive contribution to the community that sustains him. He feels this is one of the most productive periods of his life and appreciates the opportunity to partner with Toronto Metropolitan University to leverage what he can accomplish.