3D Printing

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The Digital Media Experience Lab provides all TMU students with access to 3D printing at no cost.

As soon as you have completed 3D Printing Certification Levels 1 and 2, you will be able to book the 3D printers at the DME.

DME 3D Printing Certification requires that you:

  • Watch the 3D printing certification videos below (8 minutes)
  • Pass the 3D Printing Certification 1 quiz (5 minutes)
  • Book and pass the in-person 3D Printing Certification 2 test (30-45 minutes).
  • After you are certified, upload your sliced .gcode print files to our Google form. You will no longer need to upload your .gcode files to an SD card.
  • Apply for your optional LinkedIn / open badge.

After you have met the above requirements, you will then be ready to use the 3D printers at the DME. You’ll then receive a link to book the printers (pro tip: bookmark it for later!)

New Service: Bambu X1 Carbon Printers

If you’d like to continue your 3D printing journey at the DME, we now have two Bambu X1 Carbon printers that will allow you to print in PETG, TPU, and Carbon Fiber filaments. You can book these printers for up to four hour slots without the need to have your individual prints approved – perfect for iterating through multiple prototypes or prints with multiple pieces. Please note: a brief training session is required and you must follow all Libraries’ + TMU policies. You must be present in the lab for the duration of your print job(s).
Register for X1-Carbon Training & Equipment Access. (You will receive a print link after you have registered for your in-person training session).

Part 1 – Overview of the TMU Libraries 3D Printing Certification at the DME

Summary: Embark on your 3D printing certification journey with an overview of the essential requirements for printing at the DME.

Length: 1 minute

Part 2 – Overview of 3D Printing Technology

Summary: Gain an understanding of how 3D printers operate, learn how they output code into tangible objects.

Length: 1 minute

Part 3 – Video 3 – Using Prusa Slicer at the DME

Summary: Learn Prusa Slicer software, a critical tool needed to prepare your 3D models for printing here at the Lab.

Length: 4 minutes

Part 4 – Video 4 – Safety Rules for 3D Printing

Summary: This video provides a basic overview of 3D Printing safety rules at the DME.

Length: 2 minutes

3D Printing FAQs

How much does it cost to print at the DME? TMU students are not charged any fees to 3D print at the DME. As long as you fall within the rolling credit guidelines below, the TMU Libraries will subsidize all PLA filament costs for our users. 

How long can I print for? The maximum amount of time a single print can take is 6 hours (hard limit), and you can submit up to 12 hours of prints for approval at a time. The DME runs on a rolling credit system of 12 hours. For example: If you have a booking for 4 hours, you have 8 hours left of time credit. Once you complete the 4 hour print, your time credit will be back to 12 hours. 

How long will my print take? This depends on many factors. However, you will learn how to get a print time estimate by following the training in Certifications 1 and 2. 

What am I allowed to print? You can print anything you would like, with the exception of cannabis paraphernalia, weapons (of any kind), and items flagged as offensive by DME management.

Do I have to stay the whole time? You only need to stay for the first 20 minutes of your print.

Can I choose the colour? Filament colours rotate at random, and availability of any colour is not guaranteed. Check in with a DME advisor to see what colours are available before you book a print at the DME.  

Can I bring my own filament? Although this may change in the future, we generally cannot print in other filament types. At present, the DME only prints in PLA or PLA+ filaments, typically in either black or white.  Students are only permitted to use these pre-loaded filaments at our printing stations.

Are there any exceptions to the time limit? Unfortunately we have a limit of 6 hours per print.

Can I print multiple things at the same time? The DME accepts one print at a time. You may only print one object on the bed at a time. However, you may make multiple copies of this item, up to the 12 hour rolling credit.

What happens if I miss my 3D printing booking? If you are more than 15 minutes late for your booking, your booking will be automatically canceled and the time will be available for another student to book. We ask that students cancel their bookings beforehand if they cannot make it.

Additional questions or requests can be directed to James Loney, DME Coordinator.